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The gang’s all back! Season 5 of the much-loved Swiss mystery The Undertaker on MHz Choice! Need to catch up on past seasons? Watch them all here or check out our season recaps here!

As the season begins, Fabio has just passed his Swiss certification exam – he’s a fully licensed undertaker now! Meanwhile, a morbid discovery at the local art museum signals the start of a twisty new mystery for Luc and company…

Actor/comedian Mike Müller returns as Luc Conrad, a former police detective turned funeral home director whose investigative instincts always get the better of him. These days his job is to comfort and console the bereaved, but as soon as Luc starts to suspect foul play his inner sleuth takes over. Lucky for Luc, he’s got a great support team at home – Erika Bürgisser, manager of the Conrad Institute funeral home and an old friend of Luc’s late father, and Fabio Testi, undertaker’s assistant, amateur gardener, avant-garde musician and proponent of fine Goth fashion. Filmed in the breathtakingly beautiful northern Swiss canton of Aargau, The Undertaker serves up equal helpings of sinister mystery, quirky comedy and heartfelt drama. Together, Luc and his friends make sure that no murder goes unsolved – and that anyone entrusted to their care definitely leaves a good-looking corpse!

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