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The fourth and final season of the acclaimed German Cold War drama The Weissensee Saga now streaming only on MHz Choice!

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If you thought the Kupfer family story ended with the fall of the Wall – not to mention the fall of Falk – then think again. The aftermath of the collapse of the Iron Curtain continued into 1990, and things got worse before they got better. In this exclusive First Look clip, prodigal son Martin votes in East Germany’s first (and, as it turns out, only) free parliamentary election – then, on his way out, he runs into his estranged family: his father, the ex-Stasi general Hans, his mother, Marlene, his older brother Falk and Falk’s adopted daughter, Sonja. Martin is there with his own family: his girlfriend Katja (she’s not voting because she’s from the West) and his daughter Anna – or, as she prefers, Elena, the name her foster parents raised her with. As Marlene notes, this is indeed one complicated family.

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