Discover the stunning beauty of France in a pair of breathtaking documentaries – The Wild Beauty of the Pyrenees and Follow the Dordogne!

Premiering December 20, 2022

The Wild Beauty of the Pyrenees (Autentic) takes us on a spectacular journey through the rough beauty of one of the wildest mountain ranges in Europe. Spanning over 400 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees are the natural frontier between France and Spain, with Andorra, one of the smallest states in Europe, tucked in the heart of it.

Then, get ready to Follow the Dordogne (Autentic) – a stream of crystal blue that flows between the volcanoes of Massif Central and Europe’s largest river delta, the Gironde estuary. The landscape and the atmosphere of this region have undergone extreme and dramatic change – what was once harsh and rugged have become overwhelmingly charming and rich in delights. It is an expedition of discovery through the caves of the Stone Age, the divine rocky plateaus and many other provinces for which this river was once the hub.

the wild beauty of the pyrenees first look pic 1
The Pyrenees

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