The Spirit of the Louvre lives on! Fascinating documentary Timeless Louvre is coming to MHz Choice!

Premiering October 5, 2021 on MHz Choice!

If you liked The Art of Crime, or the Meraviglie series, you’ll love Timeless Louvre. It’s a thoughtful peek behind the scenes at Paris’ magnificent Louvre Museum. It’s also a visit with some of the enthusiasts who work there and make it such a dynamic experience for visitors. Our guide through the documentary is a figure describing itself as “the Spirit of the Louvre.” So if you’re wondering about that entity in the black robe darting around… our narrator, the proudest enthusiast of all.

We get to know five people. We meet Jean-Luc Martinez, museum president, who fell in love with the Louvre during a childhood field trip. There’s Raphaëlle, a 23-year-old studying fashion and costumes at the École du Louvre. She also volunteers in the museum as an ‘art ambassador’ answering questions and engaging with patrons who want to talk about what they’re seeing. We join Olivier, the night watchman, on his rounds through the museum – he hasn’t tired of the place and still sees the empty rooms at night as magical. There’s Ludovic Laugier, curator of the Greek Antiquities section, who wonders if visitors might be forgetting to be present with the art in their scramble for selfies. And at the beginning of the doc we meet Vincent Blanchard, conservator of Oriental Antiquities section. We’re with him as he oversees delivery of ancient Hittite statues for a show he organized – a moment six years in the making.

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