French favorite Captain Marleau Season 4 premieres July 11th, 2023 on MHz Choice!

Premiering July 11, 2023

Corinne Masiero slips easily back into the role she was born to play as the good Captain strides into crime scenes with her Russian chapka hat and irrepressible attitude, overpowering suspects and police colleagues alike with the sheer brazen force of personality – riffing on whatever comes into her head, leaving no wisecrack unsaid and suffering no fools, be they suspects or her fellow officers. But Captain Marleau is also an ocean of humanity, with nothing less than empathy for the victims she encounters, and she never, ever resorts to bullying – not even when facing off those who clearly don’t deserve such consideration.

It’s easy to see why the series has taken off in countries outside France – Captain Marleau has proven to be so much more than the “Colombo-esque” shorthand description often applied to her. Her very French-ness and the fact she is a woman of a certain age unafraid to speak her mind makes her stand out, and long may she do so. In the words of one noted fan: “Dear Captain: love ya!”

Bonus plug: Don’t miss Corinne Masiero as a whisky-drinking, gun-toting nun looking after orphans in West Africa in Colombine, part of our Movie of the Week series premiering July 25th, 2023!

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