Season 2 of the Italian supernatural thriller La Porta Rossa (Studio Canal) premieres October 25th, 2022 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Premiering October 25, 2022!

After identifying his murderer in the first season, Inspector Cagliostro is still in the world of the living. But when the time comes to leave the earthly life forever, something unexpected happens: Jonas, the mentor he met in the spiritual dimension, awakens from his coma. Who is this man really? And why is he pictured in a photo with Rambelli, the man responsible for Cagliostro’s death? To get to the bottom of these mysteries, Cagliostro turns to Vanessa, the clairvoyant teen who is his only ally in the land of the living. But a new and even greater danger is is revealed when Cagliostro has another terrifying vision of the future – one in which his widow Anna is on the run and their newborn daughter is in deadly danger…

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