Antarctica, a spellbinding new documentary series about the frozen continent, now streaming on MHz Choice!

Now Streaming!

In 2016, photographers Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier joined a French expedition aboard a polar icebreaker to document the marvels of the frozen continent, both on the ice and under it. The three-part documentary series Antarctica showcases their work, and serves as a chronicle of the effect climate change is having on the unique and diverse wildlife in this harsh environment.

The story is told three overlapping installments: The first two programs are narrated in English, with interviews and testimonies in French with English subtitles, and the final program is entirely in French with English subtitles. ‘Antarctica’s Secrets’ and ‘Antarctica: Living on the Edge’ showcase the flora and fauna of the rapidly changing continent, and the feature-length ‘In the Footsteps of the Emperor’ focuses on the life cycle of the emperor penguin.

Production Stills

Needless to say, the photography is stunning  – particularly the underwater sequences – and the penguins are arguably even more compelling than they were in the Oscar-winning documentary March of the Penguins. Laurent Ballesta’s still photographs from the expedition have also been published in National Geographic  – you can see some samples of his work here.

Antarctica premieres October 24th on MHz Choice!