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Happy Holidays!

Here’s a Sicilian treat for Detective Montalbano fans – a hi-res, 4K video by Angelo Giannone, presenting a soaring view of the province of Ragusa, the location for the Detective Montalbano episodes (skip to video here). It should all look familiar, but here are points in the video (timecode in parentheses) with some of the series’ most iconic locations:

The House of Montalbano (:26)

Montalbano’s house on the beach, with that famous veranda, at Punta Secca.

The Ancient City of Ragusa Ibla (1:33)

The source for so many gorgeous panoramic shots, as well as of the winding streets.

Donnafugata Castle (1:59)

The home of Montalbano’s Mafia patriarch, Don Sinagra.

The Stone Labyrinth at Donnafugata Castle (2:06)

The location for a murder in the episode ‘A Trip to Tindari ’.