Father’s Day is June 19th

Just in time for Father’s Day, here are some of our favorite MHz Choice Detective Dads worthy of a good binge! Need a gift for Dad? How about a gift subscription to MHz Choice?

Martin Beck, Beck

Swedish detective Martin Beck is good at one thing – methodically catching criminals so they can be put away for a long time. He’s been doing this a long time, 26 years to be exact, and that didn’t leave much time for good parenting. But these days he regularly sees his daughter Inger, with whom he has a much better relationship than when she was growing up. Martin’s also always there for his now-teenage grandson, Vilhelm, with whom he shares his one non-work passion: Soccer! Watch all 3 seasons of Beck online here.
New ‘BECK’ episodes starring Peter Haber, Mikael Persbrandt and Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) premiere this fall exclusively on MHz Choice! Watch trailer here!

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Kurt Wallander, Wallander

A lifetime of police work has left Kurt Wallander with the look of a man who’s seen too much, and one who certainly never had much time for his daughter when she was young. All that changes when Linda graduates from the police academy and joins him on the job! After a rough start, and with bumps along the way, they become a very effective crime-fighting team – particularly in later years, after Linda gets married and Kurt becomes an ever-present, doting grandfather! Catch up on Seasons 1 and 3 here, and The Original Episodes here.

Cato Isaksen, The Unni Lindell Mysteries

Middle-aged detective Cato Isaksen performs superbly at work while his personal life, on a good day, resembles barely-managed chaos. Careening between significant others and keeping up with three sons by two different mothers, Cato tries his best to do right by all the players. But, inspired by his children, Cato settles down and eventually re-marries his first wife, Bente. Together, they raise ten-year-old Vetle, their rebellious teenage son Gard and Cato’s infant son, Georg. Marmalade the cat completes this unconventional Norwegian family. Watch all 12 Unni Lindell episodes here.

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Guido Brunetti, Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries

Commissario Brunetti rails against injustice, corruption and bureaucratic incompetence at work, but he takes refuge at home in the company of his loving wife, Paola, and their two teenage children, Raffi and Chiara. From the balcony of their magnificent apartment overlooking the stunning canals of Venice, Guido dispenses wisdom, serves gourmet meals and offers the kind of guidance that can only come from years of experience. Catch up on all 18 Donna Leon mysteries here.

Federico Vivaldi, The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries

Federico Vivaldi is a veteran investigator with finely-honed instincts who works alongside his policeman son, Stefano. The two clash on account of the younger man’s more rational approach to cases – but that’s nothing compared to how this old-school cop reacts when he discovers his son is gay! Surprise gives way to acceptance, and after Federico and his ex-wife Laura learn of Stefano’s homosexuality, they each strengthen their relationship not only with each other, but with the son they are proud of and love dearly. Catch up on all 8 episodes of The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries here.

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Sebastian Bergman

Dis-honorable mention: Sebastian Bergman. But he’s trying. He really is trying this time.