Actor and comedian Mike Müller spent some time with us recently talking about his Swiss series The Undertaker (Der Bestatter). During our conversation over Skype Mike regaled us with some anecdotes from the set, his fondness for Danish series, The Bridge (Season 1 | Season 2) and what he thinks might be “the end of Swiss comedy.” We can only hope that his prognosis is wrong so we can keep enjoying more seasons of Luc Conrad and the rest of the talented gang at The Undertaker! Below is part of 1 of 2 of our chat with Mr. Müller. You can read part 2 here. For the best experience, we recommend turnings captions on in your YouTube player.
Just announced: The Undertaker Season 3 premieres in early 2017 only on MHz Choice!

Tell us about your character in 'The Undertaker'?

Mike gives us the lowdown on the series – and explains just why Luc Conrad can’t resist a mystery!

Did you do any research for your role as an undertaker?

Mike reveals how he researched his role – and the downside of being recognizable as a TV star!

How do you achieve such a cinematic look for the show?

Mike reveals the secrets behind the series’ cinematic look. (Spoiler: there’s a Las Vegas connection!)

What approach do the writers take when building the story?

Mike explains the thinking behind the show’s story arcs – and how they were inspired by Scandinavian series!

Series description:
Luc Conrad used to be a police detective. Now he’s an undertaker, whose job is usually to comfort and console the bereaved. But as soon as Luc starts to suspect foul play, his inner sleuth takes over – and so do the headaches for his ex, Inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli.