French mystery series Cherif (France Televisions) starring Abdelhafid Metalsi and Carole Bianic returns for Season 4 on MHz Choice!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We highly recommend watching all of Cherif Season 3 before digging into this preview of Season 4. – MHz Choice

Premiering June 7, 2022 on MHz Choice!

At the end of Cherif Season 3, Kader saves Adeline’s life, declares his love, gives her the kiss of the century and begs her not to leave Lyon. All while Dionne Warwick is up full singing “What the World Needs Now.” She’s wowed by the moment but it still doesn’t keep her from driving off in a taxi.

As Season 4 begins, she returns to Lyon and the squad after seven months away without a word. A 100% ghosting of them all.

Needless to say, the boys were stunned and want some answers.

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