NY Times - Coming to TV This Fall: Everything

By Mike Hale
From the NY Times 9/12/19:

PROFESSOR T. (MHz Choice, Oct. 1) For fans of “Perception” and “Instinct,” here’s the more sober German version, featuring an uptight, irritating criminology professor and the gutsy young female detective who strong-arms him into helping the police. (If you watched “Professor T.” on PBS Passport this summer, you haven’t seen this series, which is a remake of that Belgian original.)

THE NEW NURSES (MHz Choice, Nov. 26) An old-fashioned hospital drama set in the 1950s, this hit Danish series has a retro-timely twist: It focuses on the first group of men legally allowed to study nursing in Denmark. Morten Hee Andersen stars as an ex-soldier who tries to make the hospital’s treatment more humane while the female students concentrate on stealing beer from the patients.

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