From the Critic’s Notebook NY Times 2/16/22:


Released in 2015 but making its American debut last month on MHz Choice, “Replacements” is a hospital show whose weekly will-they-make-it? drama is, in true Finnish style, in the service of a season-long debate about medical ethics.

The central characters could have been lifted from “Grey’s Anatomy”: an arrogant and famous doctor and his gifted, self-righteous daughter, who works as a nurse while attending medical school and has a blood disease that’s typically fatal.

But there’s so much more. The daughter, Sofia (Elena Leeve), discovers that she’s been kept alive by a bit of not just unethical but also illegal experimentation carried out years before by her father, who is also a scientist involved in stem cell research. (Continued on NY Times)

By Mike Hale
NY Times Television Critic

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