Finnish medical ethics drama Replacements (Ihon alla) premieres in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice on January 11, 2022! 

A gripping Finnish medical drama set in the cutting-edge world of genetics and cloning, Replacements is a contemporary, character-driven series that asks a bold question: How far will you go to save your loved one?

Elena Leeve stars as Sofia, a nurse whose life is changed when she witnesses a freak traffic accident. She recognizes the victim, Henri Vaartama (Willehard Korander). But her father, genetic scientist Hannu Sivenius (Taneli Mäkelä), won’t let Sofia get involved in Henri’s care and treatment. Hannu Sivenius is a brilliant doctor; his experimental treatments may raise ethics questions, but they also save lives. As she learns about her father’s work, Sofia is torn between her duty as a whistleblower and her desire to help people. But when the truth about her father’s secret research starts to unfold, it’s all but certain that Sofia’s and Henri’s emerging relationship is doomed.

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