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Season 3: A new Saga Begins.

When a famous Danish gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral preschool is found murdered, Saga is assigned to the case together with a new partner. The murder sparks the beginning of a series of spectacular crimes reaching back into Saga’s own past. With her career at risk, and the question of personal responsibility haunting her, it looks as if she might be pulled from the case. When her mother unexpectedly re-enters her life, Saga must also cope with unforeseen and unwanted demands from her.


The Cast

Saga Norén
Saga is a hardcore, albeit socially-challenged investigator, which can be difficult for her colleagues and off-putting to the general public. But she’s a damn good cop who follows the rulebook to the letter and is 100% dedicated to her job.

Henrik Sabroe
Henrik’s sharp mind and a photographic memory make him an ideal investigator. He requests the assignment as Saga’s partner, and after a rocky start the two hit it off. Henrik has his own personal demons to wrestle with, and maybe Saga can help him with those too…

Linn Björkman
Linn is Saga’s new boss, taking over from Hans Pettersson. A clear-headed and efficient senior officer, Linn doesn’t have the same permissive approach that Saga’s mentor Hans did. She questions Saga’s actions and limits her authority whenever she sees fit.

Lise Friis Andersen
A controversial and influential commentator who openly expresses her disgust with the ongoing gender debate in Denmark. She supports conservative ideals at all levels of society. Married to Lars Andersen, the CEO of Andersen Transport & Logistics.

Claes Sandberg
Claes travels around the country lecturing about happiness and the meaning of life. A successful author, Claes has never gotten over his feelings for his ex-wife, Åsa, who is now married to his former business partner, Freddie Holst.

Freddie Holst
A successful Danish businessman and Claes Sandberg’s former business partner; he is also married to Claes’ ex-wife. Art and family are his two passions; he has just opened a huge exhibition in Copenhagen and eagerly awaits the birth of his son.

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The Bridge: Season 3


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