Season 3 of Swiss mystery series Wilder (Global Screen) starring Sarah Spale premieres November 22, 2022 on MHz Choice!

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Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?
stop looney tunes giphy downsized

SPOILER ALERT! Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?

Wilder Season 3 opens with the ramifications of a tragic auto accident which occurred ten years earlier. The accident reverberates for all involved now as connections and incidents come to light in the most shocking and unexpected ways.

Ten years ago, two local police officers (Lukas Zimmermann and “Hampu” Koller) and the Prosecutor (Mike Mettler) drive while drunk. Lukas, behind the wheel, is distracted by his friends forcing an oncoming car to swerve, fall off the highway and incinerate. The sole survivor stares at the three men from beneath the wreckage. The three friends do not call for an ambulance or for the police; the survivor’s wife and daughter die. This single crime leads to multiple murders.

Sarah Spale and Marcus Signer reprise their roles as canton police kommissar Rosa Wilder and Federal police officer Manfred Kägi, respectively, as a spate of murders of police officers bring them together with Wilder leading the team of Federal officers to find the killer or killers.

An Avenging Angel whose online “nom de guerre” is White Wolf receives information from a discredited inside source resulting in damaging information about six officers derelict in the line of duty who falsified reports with incorrect information, covered up police brutality, inflicted unnecessary violence and committed “accidental” murder as well as malfeasance.

The murdered officers avoided prosecution and prison because the Justice Department failed to investigate and to institute police reforms necessary for transparency. Prior to murdering each officer, a taped confession of guilt is mailed to investigative reporter Jenny Langenegger. Federal police commissioner Peter Schwaller wants a quick solution by putting Wilder and Kägi under pressure to solve the case quickly.

wilder s3 first look 3
Sarah Spale in Wilder

The Avenging Angel is among the walking wounded who may as well be dead in this snowy white Alpine landscape dotted with mountains and trees, telephone poles and cars moving along highways covering the evil that men and women do. The Angel’s role brings to mind Biblical references as embodied by the Protestant Reformation under Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531) and John Calvin (1504-1564) – the two foremost exponents of religious reforms based on Biblical interpretations and moral teachings.

The Avenger finds solace and comfort only in his imaginary family life, a psychological break from reality which intrudes upon his real life, thereby becoming the manifestation for his redemptive actions as a survivor and Avenger. His dichotomy as a Christ-like figure expiates his suffering through vengeance because he cannot “turn the other cheek.”

wilder s3 first look 2
Marcus Signer and Sarah Spale in Wilder

Season 3 comprises six episodes and takes place in Nottingen, a village near the Swiss capital, Bern (Bern is the second most populated canton where German is the official language, but the spoken language is Bernese German – the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect).

Bela Batthyany and Alexander Szombath created this series written by Tamara Mattle, Bettina Alber and Roberto Martinez, whose scripts were fluidly directed by Jan-Eric Mack and Samuel Periard under the producers’ — Beat Lenherr’s and Peter Reichenbach — watchful eyes. This versatile production team has crafted solid, sacred, visual and visceral portraits embodied by Spale and Signer, leading a powerful cast whose richly-textured, subtly shaded performances remain deeply etched in our memories long after the series is over.

Wilder is well worth watching even if the subject tests our mettle and morality.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We happily discovered Dr. Pearl Brandwein while reviewing MHz Choice subscriber feedback on our programs and, after reading a half dozen or so of Dr. Brandwein’s insightful reviews, all of us here at MHz Choice had the same thought: We need to get the good doctor to write for us! Enjoy! -MHz Choice

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