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All the towns and cities in Sicily are treasure troves. They’re ancient, they’re medieval and they’ve endured the good and the bad in modern times. They’re in a natural Mediterranean wonderland. And because they’ve been conquered by so many entities and cultures, they’re used to cultural diversity and assimilation. Such a melting pot of cultures sounds thrilling but there is a downside: some attribute Sicilian suspicion and mistrust of authority to that revolving door of dominators. Cruel conquerors created a climate in which people sought protection and criminality could thrive. That’s another subject for another day…

Italy Sicily Gela (Videoplugger) takes you to one small city on the southern coast of Sicily. You meet the young, the old, a priest, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes… you see what their life is like and what their hopes are for their city. They’re rebuilding their economy from a period of stagnation and want to show their city off to tourists and lovers of history, music, beauty and sports.

Overall, they’re an optimistic bunch. Makes you want to book a ticket, see the ancient ruins, eat their food and enjoy the blue water on those beautiful beaches.

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