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Bukow and König fans, your time has come! MHz Choice proudly presents six new episodes featuring the idiosyncratic, mismatched duo, Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner). Their beat is Rostock, the gritty port city on the German Baltic coast; the cases involve murder, corruption and betrayal. And here’s a treat – a familiar face joins them for two episodes – Claudia Michelsen from Flemming. The stories in this series are complex, messy and edgy, just like Katrin and Sascha, and you’re often left with more questions than answers. And of course, the two bring their own personal baggage into the work. In fact, considering the dysfunctional lives of all the investigators, it’s baggage city. Welcome back to the dark, moody world of Bukow and König!

For those new to the series, Bukow and König was East Germany’s answer to the Tatort franchise, which turned out to be the country’s longest running television series. What we call Bukow and König is actually part of a larger East German series, Polizeiruf 110, which features multiple police teams from multiple cities, just like there are multiple teams in the Tatort programs. What’s unique about both series is that public stations across Germany write and produce the episodes, and thus feature regional sights, characters, references and language.

Season 2 – what you need to know: As the season begins, Bukow is picking up the pieces from the collapse of his marriage. (In Season 1, Bukow’s wife had an affair with his colleague Volker Thiesler.) He’s still a mix of tenacious cop, bighearted friend, and scrappy street fighter. In fact, in the first episode of Season 2, he punches Thiesler in the nose and calls him a wife-stealing *&#%! That lands him in suspension and mandated therapy for anger management. Problem with that is, Katrin tells him she really needs him back at work. Here’s a delicious scene where he tries to make up with the psychologist, with whom he’s been uncooperative. After all, Katrin said she needed him off suspension!

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