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They’re Frick and Frack, work spouses, opposites united by the job of investigating crimes in the port city of Rostock, Germany. She’s cerebral and analytical; he’s emotional and reactive. She’s a petite single woman and he’s a big bear, married with children. Together, they’re the detective duo Bukow and König (BOO-kov and KAY-nig) played by Charly Hübner and Anneke Kim Sarnau. They’re one of the many detective teams featured in the long-running German crime franchise Polizeiruf 110, which started its long run as East Germany’s answer to Tatort in 1971. That’s why, at the beginning of Bukow & König episodes, you see the logo for Polizeiruf 110.

1 Polizeiruf 110

Polizeiruf 110 logo

Independent of each other during the years of 1970 and 1971, East and West German broadcasters were on parallel tracks, creating very similar crime series. West Germany developed Tatort and East Germany developed Polizeiruf 110 (translation: Police Dial 1-1-0) – each series featuring different teams from various cities and regions in their respective country.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the West German broadcaster ADR picked up Polizeiruf 110 as a complement to its very successful Tatort brand.  Fortunately for our viewers, MHz offers detective teams from both franchises – Tatort: Cologne, Tatort: Borowski and Cenk Batu Undercover Agent under the Tatort banner, and Bukow & König from Polizeiruf 110.

Here’s another great payoff from the MHz Choice library – because it also includes the hit comedy Crime Scene Cleaner, you can enjoy its references to both Tatort and Bukow & König. See below:

Schotty’s cell phone ring? The Tatort theme song. (Beginning of clip above)

schotty bukow konig promo 1920x1080

Guest appearances by Bukow and König in Crime Scene Cleaner Season 1, Episode 3, “Totally Normal Jobs”. Watch episode here.

schotty bukow konig 2 promo 1920x1080

Guest appearances by Bukow and his colleague, Volker (Josef Heynert) in Crime Scene Cleaner Season 2, Episode 5, “The Cleaner”.  Watch episode here.

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