Season 2 of French mystery series Deadly Tropics starring Sonia Rolland and Gaëlle Crivelli now streaming on MHz Choice!

Now streaming on MHz Choice!

Deadly Tropics Season 2 is back with a bang – with more scenics of stunning Martinique and adventures with the very different policewomen Mélissa Sainte-Rose and Gaëlle Crivelli. Season 2 begins with Crivelli returning to duty after her sabbatical. On her first day back she resolves a tense hostage situation… by shooting Mélissa. Fortunately, for the good of the series, not fatally! Already shaken, Mélissa must then manage the arrival of the father of her children who wants to reconnect with her. Sensing Mélissa’s lack of enthusiasm, he starts getting to know Crivelli – who finds him charming. One more test for this incredible duo!

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