Season 2 of offbeat French short-form comedy series Changing Rooms (Vestiaires) premieres December 7, 2021 on MHz Choice! Watch the first 3 episodes of Season 2 right here!

“In the land of little legs, the tiny-armed man is king”

~ Romy to Orsen

You can’t help but smile and at times burst into laughter at Changing Rooms, the offbeat short-form comedy series from France set entirely in the locker room during swim practice for the differently-abled. The humor is pitch-perfect fun as we see people with all sorts of disabilities flow in and out of the locker room. Season 2 still focuses on the lead characters Romy (Adda Abdelli) and Orsen (Alexandre Phillip) who are the unofficial leaders of this fictional swim club. They mercilessly tease each other and others from the locker room bench where everyone is the butt of the joke – is Romy’s gut getting too big, who looks sexier getting out of the pool, who splurged for the expensive top-of-the-line prosthetic leg?

The show creators, who are disabled themselves, have a gift of getting us all in on the joke with what could be mundane storylines being fodder for differently-abled humor. They all argue over who has a higher percentage disability and therefore should be allowed to escape first in the event of a fire. The memory-challenged Caro (Anaïs Fabre) is gently ribbed for taking advantage of the able-bodied. We rarely have a glimpse of the pool itself, though each episode always ends on a bonus poolside scene which is just a funny as the episodes themselves – and very much worth watching until the end. Luckily, you never have to wait that long as each episode is no longer than three delightful minutes.

Click the YouTube player below to watch the first 3 episodes of Season 2!

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