French mystery series Cherif starring Abdelhafid Metalsi and Carole Bianic returns for Season 2 on MHz Choice!

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At the end of Cherif Season 1, Captain Kader Cherif (Abdelhafid Metalsi) discovers that his new partner Adeline Briard (Carole Bianic) has requested to transfer out of the Lyon police station. For him, that’s a showstopper.

This clip from Season 2 illustrates their dynamic – Cherif is visiting the injured Captain Briard in the hospital with the hopes of urging her to rest, while she is trying squeeze any information she can from him regarding their investigation. She’s even called in their colleague Dejax (Vincent Primault) for a copy of the police report – and Cherif is not above taking a call from the coroner and pretending it’s his daughter. Workaholics unite! They may not see it yet, but these two are meant for each other…

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