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Do boys ever grow up? Sure, check out Flemming Season 2!

Premiering April 24th

A man newly humbled, newly awakened to reality can be very interesting. Case in point: Dr. Vince Flemming. In Flemming Season 2 he’s sadder, wiser and more focused on regaining his life with Ann. The grandstanding and the skirt chasing from Season 1 are toned down, with the writers wisely emphasizing Vince’s renewed appreciation for Ann and his pursuit of her. He’s less off-putting in Season 2. He’s like that kid you can’t stand in junior high, whom you suddenly see in a new light and decide isn’t so bad. In Season 1 you understood why Ann had to call it quits. In Season 2, you feel more empathy for Vince’s case and his drive for getting her to become a family with him once again. With their baby on the way, the stakes are infinitely higher.

He’s still no saint, of course. His fatal flaw – a crazed love for all things female – hasn’t gone anywhere. That’s the dilemma that made Ann pull the plug on their marriage in the first place. Can he look but not touch, think but not act?

Oh, and there are the criminal investigations. A good addition to the ensemble is the new boss, Walli Hoven (Maren Kroymann). She’s less adversarial than Dr. Karl Leo (Felix Vörtler) from Season 1, and seems to be rooting for Vince and Ann as a couple. The much put-upon Henner Blum (Oliver Brocker) still gripes about his unsung labors, and the no-nonsense coroner, Dr. Alissa Markus (Anna Thalbach) gets more emphasis. Overall, the perfect springtime fare – a little crime, a little comedy, snappy repartee… with an undercurrent of love and longing.

Flemming Season 2 premieres on April 24, 2018, exclusively on MHz Choice.

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