She’s back – as irrepressible and in-your-face as ever! Imma Tataranni Season 2 now available on MHz Choice!

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Imma Tataranni (RAI Trade) stars Vanessa Scalera as the title character, a workaholic deputy prosecutor with a prodigious memory who solves the cases entrusted to her with unorthodox methods and attitude to spare. Filmed throughout the stunning Basilicata region of southern Italy, the show is based in the ancient city of Matera, famous for its Sassi district of hillside cave dwellings (lamione) dating back thousands of years.

This new season, consisting of eight roughly hour-long episodes, picks up a few months after the events of Season 1. Marshal Calogiuri, Imma’s former Caribinieri colleage with whom she shared a tender moment during the Feast of Bruna, is away on assignment in Central America – and Imma is still pining for him. Meanwhile, on the home front, Imma’s husband Pietro is planning a drastic career change – one he’s keeping secret from her. And Imma’s boss, Chief Prosecutor Vitali, is going through family issues of his own, which he tries to remedy by taking them all on a tour of the local livestock routes – a “City Slickers”-style cattle drive through the countryside. But instead of Curly’s gold, he finds a dead body in a water trough…

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