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Vanessa Scalera stars as deputy prosecutor Immacolata “Imma” Tataranni, a workaholic with a prodigious memory who solves the cases entrusted to her with unorthodox methods and attitude to spare.

Filmed throughout the stunning Basilicata region of southern Italy, the show is based in the ancient city of Matera, famous for its Sassi district of hillside cave dwellings dating back thousands of years. The cities and landscapes of this ancient land play an integral role in the episodes and are much more than just pretty backdrops – we’ll learn about the history and the culture of the region over the course of the show. Food plays a big part, too. Imma’s family loves to cook, especially in preparation for the Assumption Day feast in the first episode.

Accompanying Imma on her investigations is Ippazio Calogiuri (played by Alessio Lapice), a shy young corporal in the Carabinieri with whom Imma becomes increasingly close. But Imma is a devoted wife to her husband, Pietro (Massimiliano Gallo from The Bastards of Pizzofalcone), and mother to their teenage daughter, Valentina (Alice Azzariti). She also struggles to deal with her own mother’s dementia – and friction with her insufferably stuffy in-laws.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Imma’s patience is tried by her by-the-book boss, Alessandro Vitali (Carlo Buccirosso of Love & Bullets fame), and geeky pathologist Dr. Taccardi (Carlo De Ruggieri). And she loses patience with Diana De Santis (Barbara Ronchi), her former high school classmate-turned-assistant. Over the course of these six episodes, Imma finds herself butting heads with Saverio Romaniello, a smarmy businessman and member of Matera’s gilded elite, played by none other than Cesare Bocci aka Detective Montalbano‘s own Mimì Augello! (Gotta say, Cesare’s really good at playing this sleazy capitalist!) Watch out for other familiar faces popping up in guest star roles – Giampaolo Morelli (Inspector Coliandro) as a full-of-himself actor playing Jesus in a Biblical epic, for example!

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