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The Manetti Bros’ latest film is a genre-spanning musical tribute to their beloved Naples, with frequent collaborators Giampaolo Morelli and Serena Rossi, the multi-talented stars of Inspector Coliandro and Song of Napoli, playing star-crossed lovers. Born of a desire to bring a traditional Neapolitan musical drama to the screen with contemporary tunes, Love & Bullets also reflects the brothers’ lifelong obsession with American (and British and Chinese) action movies, from James Bond to Bruce Lee and everything in between. It is also unabashedly romantic and deliriously silly and hilarious, too!

In this key musical set piece, hitman Ciro (Giampaolo Morelli) and his childhood sweetheart Fatima (Serena Rossi) are handcuffed together, trapped on a roof as an army of assassins closes in on them… But Fatima has other things on her mind, too, like trying to get Ciro to give up his life of violence and commit to their relationship!

As you can hear, Serena Rossi is an extraordinarily talented singer – she’s also the voice of Princess Anna in the Italian-dubbed versions of Disney’s animated megahits Frozen and Frozen II!

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