The feast continues in Meraviglie: A Tour of Italy’s Wonders Season 2

Premieres September 15th

Italy offers endless geographic, cultural and historic marvels – as our narrator says at the beginning of each episode, the “Grand Tour” of Italy was essential in the 19th century if one was to be considered educated. Meraviglie: A Tour of Italy’s Wonders provides a thrilling overview and its visuals are the stuff of dreams – soaring over coastlines and mountains and cathedrals and villas. I’m so grateful they produced this series in the era of high-definition video and drone shots! This clip highlights the visit to the Sinis Peninsula in Sardinia, to the ancient Bronze Age city of Tharros. The image at the beginning shows the remains of a nuraghe – one of the many ancient stone towns scattered around Sardinia and other places in Italy and Europe.

Journalist Alberto Angela also makes for a affable tour guide – informative without being bookish or off-putting, and his enthusiasm gives the travelogue an upbeat vibe. In this new season, we visit the Frassassi caves, the Amalfi Coast, the architecture of Southern Italy, Rome’s Piazza Navona and the remains of the Lombard empire. Come join the fun!

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