Superintendent Larosière and Inspector Lampion are back in The Little Murders of Agatha Christie Season 2, premiering December 6th, 2022 on MHz Choice in the U.S. and Canada!

Premiering December 6, 2022

First screened in France in 2008 and set in the 1930s, The Little Murders of Agatha Christie (France Televisions) introduced the most well-known iterations of the two classic Christie-style investigators first seen in 2006’s Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party: Superintendent Larosière (Antoine Duléry, Perfect Murders), whose passion for beautiful women is matched only by his love of solving puzzling crimes, and his young colleague Inspector Lampion (Marius Colucci, Captain Marleau), whose modern sensibilities sometimes clash with those of a less-enlightened age.

These six new-to-MHz Choice episodes are presented here as “Season 2”, even though chronologically the first two episodes take place before the episodes that comprise our “Season 1”. Why is that? Not so much a quirk of the space-time continuum as much as this is the first time that these episodes have been available for us to license – now every single Agatha Christie episode with Larosière and Lampion (plus all the Criminal Games with Swan Laurence, Alice Avril and Marlène Leroy) will be available right here on MHz Choice!

The six episodes in Season 2 are:

The ABC Murders

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (adapted from “Ordeal by Innocence”)

The House of Peril (adapted from “Peril at End House”)

The Cat and the Mice (adapted from “Cat Among the Pigeons”)

I Am Not Guilty (adapted from “Sad Cypress”)

The Body in the Library

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