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The Sandhamn Murders Season 4: Burning questions

Another year gone by and summer has arrived again on Sandhamn. Yes, it’s glorious – the sun, the sand, the… stack of dead bodies. Thomas and Mia are called back to the island to investigate the apparent suicide of a young university student. Something seems off about the whole thing, especially when a group of former Swedish Coastal Rangers he had been analyzing start turning up murdered. Who’s doing it? Just what happened so many years ago in training camp? Will Thomas figure it out in time to see justice done for the living and the dead? In what has been my favorite season so far of The Sandhamn Murders — Season 4 is based on the book in the series entitled Tonight You’re Dead — these and other questions are heating up, as follows:

First, what’s the status between Normas?
What’s “Normas?” Just an extremely annoying portmanteau I made up to help keep hope alive that these two will ever get out of the Friend Zone. It’s unlikely to ever happen if Pernilla stays on the scene, which she apparently has during the long winter months. Meanwhile, Nora keeps herself busy renting out Signe’s old house to summer vacationers. The handsome soon-to-be-single dad who lets it with his teen daughter certainly has a nice smile. And Henrik’s still around, and still possessive, despite having moved on and moved in with that other lady who, according to Nora’s ex-mother-in-law is “perfect.” So, it seems Thomas and Nora are both very busy with their separate lives and happy, but… there’s still that undercurrent of chemistry in their friendship. I won’t give up on them, particularly since Pernilla… I don’t know. Is there something off there?

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Alexandra Rapaport in The Sandhamn Murders

About the case: is there an Island of Doom this year?
Yes, indeed. Seems like every season features another of the Stockholm Archipelago’s rocky outcroppings as the center of evil-doing, and this time the locale in question is the island training base of the Coastal Rangers, an elite Navy-Seal-style, special operations unit of the Swedish military. One doesn’t really imagine the Swedish people having a need for such a unit, but should they, I guess these guys are ready for anything. About this training: it’s rough. As hell. And apparently the 80s, at least in this show’s timeline, saw practices that were a little too rough, because members from that time period seem to be turning up dead at a rapid clip.

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(L to R) Alexandra Rapaport and Jakob Cedergren in The Sandhamn Murders

Does Nora get herself mixed up in it all, somehow?
Of course! And thank goodness. This natural crime-solver will put herself on a boat to unknown danger without a second thought. She knows people who know people, and seems unwilling to wait for Thomas to call her back, EVER, before plunging ahead into the jaws of death. It’s more convenient now that she and Henrik are divorced and he can keep the kids which she goes around basically solving these things for Thomas and co.

What’s the bottom line?
There are things that, when they are broken, cannot be put back together, no matter the measures one takes.

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