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The Sandhamn Murders Season 5: Burning questions

It’s Midsummer on Sandhamn, and the party is in full swing. Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone ends up dead. This time, the tragedy involves rich kids behaving badly, murder with a preppy flair. You’d think the legal and class ramifications of all that would be enough to deal with in three episodes, but, no. Because, meanwhile, romances old and new are in flux, and not just for Thomas and Nora. All of this ignites a question or two as we prepare for Season 5.

Are Swedish young people as… teenagery as American ones?
I say this as a former teen in full knowledge of the implications: yes. They’re terrible. And, during Midsummer, they’re at full strength, causing Sandhamn to resemble nothing less than Spring Break in Daytona Beach (albeit with better looking people and far more aesthetically pleasing accommodations). Basically, the start of the holiday is an invitation to go wild, and, well: money, kids and booze… what could go wrong? A lot, it turns out! And Thomas and Mia, with the help of the seasonal cops assigned to the island, must cruise in to fit the pieces together. 

Is Nora connected to the crime?
Kind of. Look, it’s a small island! People can’t help stumbling into murder investigations every single summer. Remember Johan, Mr. Tall, Pale and Handsome who was renting Signe’s old house next door with his surly daughter? He’s back and so is she. Will Nora risk her life in some maritime fashion only to save herself at the last moment? Will she help Thomas in a crucial way as he tracks down the killer? Both possibilities, obviously. She can always be counted on to lend her steady spirit and support, and this time she offers it where it is needed most. I so love this character and want the best for her. If she could have one summer where she wasn’t tripping over a corpse… well, what fun would that be?

SANHAM C 05002
(L to R) Ane Dahl Torp and Jakob Cedergren in The Sandhamn Murders

How are things on the personal front?
While life looks so peaceful and easy on beautiful Sandhamn, the reality is that things are complicated. We learned big news at the end of Season 3 regarding the relationship of Thomas and his ex-wife, Pernilla (Dahl Torp). Let’s just say things have changed, in multiple ways. Was their curmudgeonly neighbor, Claire, correct when she implied that Pernilla was wasting Thomas’s time allowing him to believe there was some permanency to the situation? Is she really recovered from the tragedy that tore them apart the first time? And what about Glenn? Glenn the Cat fans, rejoice, he’s present and accounted for. It appears the only one he likes in the entire Archipelago is Claire, but he has his reasons. Thomas can’t turn to Mia for advice on the strange state of his life, as that inveterate man-eater is busy charting a new course in her personal life. Will her private liaison complicate the murder case? Even with all of this to distract us, and their lives seemingly moving farther away from each other, the meaningful friendship between Thomas and Nora persists. And, are we crazy, or is it not clear that there’s still a real undercurrent of chemistry between them that can’t be denied?

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