You might be wondering if you’ve seen some of the actors on The Weissensee Saga in other MHz Choice series – and you most likely have! Below are some of the most notable (and surprising) examples!

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the weissensee saga hans 640x640

Uwe Kockisch

Uwe Kockisch stars as Kupfer family patriarch Hans in The Weissensee Saga, but MHz Choice viewers first got to know him in two other signature roles: as the incomparable Venetian commissario Guido Brunetti in Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries, and as the evil Balkan war criminal Bosco Markovich in The Eagle!

didnt i see actor uwe kockisch 1920x1080

Uwe Kockisch as Commissario Guido Brunetti (left) and as Bosco Markovich in The Eagle (right)

the weissensee saga martin 640x640

Florian Lukas

Florian Lukas plays Martin Kupfer in The Weissensee Saga, but you may (or may not) also recognize him as stylish magician’s assistant Fanny Fee in Crime Scene Cleaner: Dependents, the unbearably arrogant murder suspect Alexander Grau in the Tatort: Cologne episode Murder Pit, and the young, dog-loving Patrick Koch in Miss Sophie’s Instinct: The Sparrow Has Stopped Singing.

didnt i see actor florian lukas 1920x1080

Florian Lukas with Bjarne Mädel in Crime Scene Cleaner (upper left), as Alexander Grau in Tatort: Cologne (bottom left), with Enzi Fuchs in Miss Sophie’s Instinct (right)

the weissensee saga vera 640x640

Anna Loos

Singer/actress Anna Loos stars as schoolteacher turned activist Vera Kupfer in The Weissensee Saga, a character who goes through more than her fair share of tragedy and heartbreak. That’s a far cry from the role for which many MHz Choice viewers know her best – as Freddy and Max’s cheerful, invaluable assistant Lissie “Lissy” Pütz in Tatort: Cologne!

didnt i see actor anna loos 1920x1080

Anna Loos with Dietmar Bär and Klaus J. Behrendt in Tatort: Cologne

the weissensee saga Robert Wolff 640x640

Ronald Zehrfeld

Ronald Zehrfeld plays freedom-fighting, motorcycle riding pastor Robert Wolff in The Weissensee Saga. You may also recognize him from the acclaimed German crime drama In The Face of Crime, where he played the rugged Berlin policeman Sven Lottner, and more recently as Jewish judge Richard Kornitzer in the harrowing World War II-era drama Redemption Road.

didnt i see actor Ronald Zehrfeld cover 1920x1080

Ronald Zehrfeld (third from left) in Dominik Graf’s award-winning miniseries In The Face of Crime

the weissensee saga dunja 640x640

Katrin Sass

Katrin Sass plays Hans’ old flame Dunja Hausmann in The Weissensee Saga, but that wasn’t the first time these two stars worked together. Back in 2008, Katrin played Eleonora Ford, co-director of a right-wing Nationalist museum in Donna Leon’s Brunetti: Willful Behavior – and you can tell even just from this picture that her character had something to hide! (Interestingly, Eleonora’s husband Maxwell was played by Axel Milberg, star of Tatort: Borowski!)

didnt i see actor katrin sass1920x1080

Katrin Sass and Uwe Kockisch in Donna Leon’s Brunetti (Inset: Axel Milberg)

the weissensee saga katja 640x640

Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner plays West German journalist Katja Wiese in The Weissensee Saga. A very popular actress in Germany, Lisa is also familiar to MHz Choice viewers as Johanna, the jealous wife of immigration scammer Tia in Crime Scene Cleaner: Yes, I Do – the episode where Schotty almost gets hitched to a woman he’s never met!

didnt i see actor lisa wagner cover 1920x1080

Lisa Wagner and Bjarne Mädel in Crime Scene Cleaner