Dark and quirky Finnish espionage satire Stop Nyqvist premieres June 18th, 2024 on MHz Choice.

In the tradition of Dr. Strangelove and Wag the Dog, the dark, quirky and very hard-hitting satire Stop Nyqvist (YLE) begins with an unforgettable character. The character in question is Aleksis Nyqvist (played by Finnish comic actor Antti Tuomas Heikkinen), an unassuming office drone in the media department of Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While Nyqvist is happy with his position and place in life, his wife isn’t. Helena Nyqvist (Minna Suuronen, Bordertown) is tired of watching her husband glued to PlayStation and tells him it’s time to put the controller down and start playing the game of life instead. Unfortunately for Helsinki, Finland and the rest of the world, Nyqvist takes his wife’s advice, accidentally provoking an international crisis and becoming the head of the Finnish secret service! Now, Nyqvist must thwart the plots of power-hungry Finnish bureaucrats, misogynistic hitmen, serial killers, clueless CIA agents, journalists, Kremlin spies and… his own father?! Oh, and the world – if he has time!

Stop Nyqvist premieres June 18th, 2024 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice.

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