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THE SHOW: The New Nurses is a light Danish drama, produced by SF Studios and written by Claudia Boderke and Lars Mering. The six-episode first season is one of the most-watched programs in Danish TV history. When I glanced at the title of this show and saw the (beautiful) images of post-war Danes in crisp nursing linens, I imagined it to be Denmark’s answer to the BBC’s mega-popular Call the Midwife series, serving up homespun health care charm in vintage fashions. I’m delighted to say: it is that, but it’s also so much more!

YEAH, BUT…: Where does the drama come in, you may be asking? First of all: everybody in the hospital, from the orderlies to the patients, is smoking. During surgery, in the nursery – doesn’t matter. It was a different time! Surely something will explode sooner or later, but until then feast your eyes on the main event: the male nurses. Yes, the whole premise of this show is to flip the script and highlight the groundbreaking event of Denmark opening its nursing education programs to men. (The shockwaves continue to reverberate to this day — Denmark apparently still has a nursing shortage and only 3 percent of their current nurses are men.) This twist opens up the possibilities for a little friction in between all the 1950’s wholesome hairdos. There are jealous doctors, class warriors, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, polio outbreaks – and all of it alongside youthful student romances and coming-of-age triumphs. If you enjoy Miss Friman’s War, you’ll likely love it.

[LOCATION] WAS LIKE ANOTHER CHARACTER: We don’t see much of Denmark, as the action stays on the wards for the most part, but any opportunity to be reminded of the absolute marvel of the Danish language is great. There’s no shortage of Danish stuff to enjoy, as well – a scene of nursing students singing along to a record of popular music was particularly cool. What deserves its own spot in the credits is the lighting – this thing is shot in sunwashed beauty that is, at times, breathtaking to behold.

NURSES C 01006
L to R: Morten Hee Andersen & Molly Blixt Egelind in The New Nurses

YOUR NEW FAVES: Get in on the ground floor for Morten Hee Andersen, who plays Erik, male nursing student and former soldier. His career in Denmark is taking off, and I sense this extremely handsome ginger is going all the way. The same can be said for many of the cast, including the lovely Molly Blixt Egelind, as posh Anna Rosenfeld. Their chemistry is undeniable. I was charmed, also, by Asta Kamma August, who plays the sweet Susanne.

MAKE A NIGHT OF IT: The cinematography of this show makes even Danish hospital food look good. Since none of us are lucky enough to be convalescing under the care of Erik and Anna, we can replicate the experience by sitting down to enjoy The New Nurses with an enormous plate of potato salad and a cold Carlsberg brew. Enjoy!

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