La Magnani: Italy’s Legendary Actress Gets Her Due
By Sandra Bertrand
Highbrow Magazine 9/24/20

“They called her ‘the Volcano,’ along with other terms of endearment, and it was no exaggeration. Italians, and soon after the rest of the world, rushed to their local movie houses to see Anna Magnani’s next eruption of raw emotion, the smoking embers from her performance burning in their memories.

Enrico Cerasuolo’s documentary, Anna Magnani: A Passion in the Making (MHz Choice), is a whirlwind tour through the life of this volcanic star. Both rhapsodic and reflective, her story is told through passionate film clips and revealing memories from directors, male co-stars, her only son, and the actress herself. What emerges is a complex and sometimes contradictory picture of a woman who remained elusive but irresistible to her millions of fans.”

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