As temperatures heat up and the air conditioning goes on, we start spending more time indoors, which means we’ll be turning on the TV more, too. But what to watch? While it seems like the content options out there are nearly endless, where do you go when you want something intriguing, refined, complex or even just a little bit different? If you’re unsure of the answer, head to MHz Choice, your passport to the best international programming available!

MHz Choice is a curated selection of international series and films, all readily available in one place, 24/7, and ad-free for maximum enjoyment. Subscribers can access over 2,500 hours of global programming from more than 30 countries around the world, all presented in the language of origin with easy-to-follow subtitles. Sounds like the perfect choice for the discerning viewer, right?

With summer almost here, we at MHz Choice have ramped up our programming slate to ensure that every viewer can find something to add to their watchlist. Keep reading for our recommendations on what you can expect to find, from exciting new series premiering for the first time in the U.S.  to brand-new seasons of some of your favorites. Whatever international TV needs you have, we’ve got you covered, on your schedule, wherever you are.

New Season Premieres: Returning MHz Choice Favorites

If you’re looking for a straightforward list of all of our upcoming content, start with the MHz Choice schedule page. From there, you can see what’s streaming each month of 2023 and click on each series image for the details on that program, including a brief trailer. No more wading through rows of icons, hoping to find out when the next season of your favorite show premieres and being disappointed that you missed something.

We’ve also spotlighted our most exciting 2023 summer TV shows here in this post, complete with premiere dates, plot summaries and some highlights and details you should know before watching. We know you’re looking for smart programming that’s a cut above the rest. Get ready to set your calendars so you don’t miss anything! (But if you do, you know where to find it).

Alice Nevers: The Thrilling French Procedural is Back


Not only is Alice Nevers back, but she, and her partner (both professionally and personally) have two new seasons premiering this summer, with Season 4 premiering May 16 and Season 5 premiering June 27 on MHz Choice! This long-running show is about a determined and persistent criminal prosecutor who is also the mother of a young child, trying to find a successful balance.

Witty and sharp, this show takes place against a picturesque Parisian backdrop. No need to worry if you don’t speak French; the subtitles, and the emotions of the actors, ensure you miss nothing of the fast-moving plot. This one is a step up from an American crime show, and certainly not pulling any punches. If you’ve been on the hunt for an authentic and tenacious procedural, put this one on your list!

Murder In... A new set of mysteries set in gorgeous regions of France


The blockbuster French TV series where the location is the star returns for a tenth season. Murder In… is an anthology series that’s part crime series, part travelogue, as it transports viewers to the great sites and regions of France. Among sweeping vistas and diverse locations, each episode contains a mystery to be solved, as cops chase down the criminals against stunning backdrops: lush forests, remote islands, rocky coastlines, beaches with clear blue water and grand ranches. Season 10 episodes are set in Amboise, Biot, Frioul Island, Haute Provence, Kermadec, Marie-Galante, Mont Saint-Michel, Porquerolles and Rochefort Sur Mer. Season 10 premieres on July 4!

The New Nurses The Hit Danish Period Drama Returns


Season 5 of The New Nurses premieres June 20, taking viewers all the way back to 1950s Denmark. The New Nurses reflects on a time period when only women were nurses, but due to a nursing shortage, young men were begrudgingly admitted into the nursing program as an experiment. Fellow students have less of a problem with their new colleagues than the staff, leading to drama amongst the classmates.

This show is not only a fascinating watch to history buffs and medical drama lovers, but also anyone who remembers the busy schedules of college days, dorm life, and attempts to fit in fun around classwork. Start from season one to see how the personal relationships and social experiments embarked on in this show unfold!

George Simeon’s Maigret: The Classic 1960s Series Now Available to Stream


Long-awaited, much sought after, never previously released and unseen anywhere for decades, MHz Choice is elated to be the American streaming home for Maigret: The Classic BBC Series. Adapting Georges Simenon’s legendary detective novels and featuring Rupert Davies’ BAFTA winning portrayal of the titular detective, three not one, not two, but three seasons of the series are rolling out on our platform this summer!

Keep an eye out throughout all of early summer: Season 2 premieres May 2, season 3 premieres May 23 and season 4 follows very close behind on June 13. The best part of this affable mystery solver is that each episode plays like its own self-contained full movie, so there’s even more to Maigret and his crime-solving skills than what you see on the schedule.

If you’ve never watched an episode before, picture Sherlock Holmes or another old-school pipe-smoking detective. Maigret has a habit of peeling back the layers, digging deep into the town and its people, exposing the truth with his unique approach that pays homage to everyone’s favorite 20th century detectives. Like Alice Nevers, this series also takes place in France, with easy-to-read English subtitles. It’s a great way to experience provincial France and see the sights without leaving your home.

Discover Your New International TV Favorite

One quick peek at the MHz Choice schedule page, and you’ll find that there are many options slated to become your new favorite international TV show. Here are some new show breakdowns for you to consider for your summer TV watching list.

Monterossi: Gripping Italian Crime Drama


Premiering June 6, this show promises to be full of surprises. Carlo Monterossi, a famous but unhappy television writer, finds a man pointing a gun at him through the door of his home. You’ll have six episodes of this mesmerizing mystery show, based in Italy, to watch Monterossi investigate who may be trying to kill him! You can put your own detective skills to work as the mystery unravels in unexpected ways throughout this thrilling series.

Enemy of the People: A Finnish Drama Exposing the Dark Side of Celebrity and Power


This show will rocket to the top of your list after watching the first episode. Beginning July 27, get to know investigative reporter, Katja Salonen, as she evades an all-out witch hunt due to her exposé on the local town’s beloved biggest celebrity. Her reporting brings to light a dangerous pyramid scheme with at least one unsolved murder. She risks her own life to bring truth to light, fighting the negativity from her prior case and restoring her credibility as she works to prevent another murder.

Tatort: Vienna: Our Newest Entry in Germany’s Long-Running Hit Franchise


Premiering August 8, the newest season in the long-running and iconic German crime franchise is sure to draw viewers right in. After all, with more than 1,000 episodes under its belt, this innovative approach to producing television has more than proven itself to be a crowd favorite. Tatort is known for its detailed crime stories and compelling law enforcement partnerships, all taking place in different and stunning international locations.

Each season of the series comprises a different distinct drama unfolding among a specific cities’ police squads tackling crimes within its’ respective precinct. With each season produced by that region’s distributor, its uniqueness lies in showcasing the diverse architecture, customs, and dialects of the area, making them a significant part of each episode. Often, the city itself takes the role of the main character rather than the police force.

Unravel a Mystery with these Summer TV Shows

Unclaimed: Race Against the Clock with French Special Forces


This new six-episode series premieres May 23. Set in France, it focuses on Darius and his ragtag team of police agents, called the “Invisible” brigade, who specialize in cases with unidentified bodies. This is not your typical investigative team, which makes it even more appealing. Each episode centers on one case, where the team races against the clock to discover what happened to the victims as well as exactly who those victims are. Their dedication to the cause – and to each other – makes them a loveable group despite their differences.

What Pauline is Not Telling You: Heart-Wrenching Psychological Drama


This four-episode limited series has an unusual plot sure to surprise. A man has fallen to his death from scaffolding, with a call to emergency services made much too late. The primary suspect? His wife. Under investigation as a possible murderer, Pauline is put under the microscope and forced to defend herself against scrutiny designed to blame her, but is Pauline telling the truth?. The suspense builds in this show, each episode adding to the question: what is Pauline not telling you? Look for this one to premiere on July 27.

New Must-Watch Comedies from Around the Globe

Captain Marleau: The Eccentric and Captivating Crime Comedy Returns


As much as we love a dark and gritty crime show, there is always a place for some lightness in a television lineup, and this show is a must-watch for filling that niche. Season 4 premieres on July 11, featuring the very offbeat Captain Marleau, who solves crimes in her own Columbo-style way. If you ever watched Columbo or another crime show of that era, tune in to this one for witty humor and clever plot lines that are both reminiscent of and totally unique to old-school 70s crime shows.

Preppers: Award-Winning Australian Series Spotlighting Aboriginal Voices


Enter Charlie, a young Aboriginal woman who finds herself, after a cataclysmic personal event, at the center of an incongruous community of “preppers” who are convinced there is an upcoming apocalypse. Get ready to laugh and be drawn to adore and appreciate Charlie and her group of good-at-heart fellow community preppers! This show is already critically acclaimed in its home country of Australia and features the singular voice of Nakkiah Lui, who not only co-created, but also co-wrote and stars in every episode. Preppers premieres August 1.

Crime is Her Game: A Mismatched Cop Duo is on the Case


Putting together Gaby, a cop and a farmer, with city-girl Celine may not seem to be a likely pairing, but these two very dissimilar women manage to get past their disdain for each other to form a successful crime-solving duo. Gaby is feisty and has her own style, while Celine is a formal rule-follower, yet they find a satisfying end to each case while making you laugh in this new show premiering on August 29.

Endless Options this Summer with MHz Choice

Looking for new streaming TV options with programming that moves beyond the ordinary? Add MHz Choice to the top of your list. Not only are new programs continually added, but we understand that sophisticated international TV viewers don’t want to wait months or years between seasons. Subscribe today for more TV in less time and a selection of curated programming like no other. See what happens to your favorite characters and find new ones to add to your summer TV shows list today.

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With MHz Choice, get ready to explore a long list of summer TV shows to enjoy as you escape the heat and crowds. Visit cooler climates and travel to far-off places with us all summer long!

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