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Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?
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SPOILER ALERT! Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?

Season 6 Recap

If you just finished the long-awaited Season 6 of Spiral, you’ve likely been experiencing, as I have, the full range of human emotions, from the highest highs (Romy!) to the most mon Dieu lows (everything else). Look, just say it, you’re in a spiral! Who could blame you after watching the gang endure tsunami waves of stress and pain as they try to solve the murder, and horrific dismemberment, of a fellow policeman? In the middle of all that, they uncover a double-whammy human trafficking case – forced prostitution and baby selling, yikes — implicating still more of their own colleagues who tried to blame the whole thing on immigrants? So…

The case.
It doesn’t help that these extremely rough plot points are all wrapped up in the sometimes violent Parisian class struggle, and that good old Herville (who knew how much we’d come to love him when he appeared a few seasons ago?) is in the hot seat in his new impoverished, racist province. At least his old team is there to help when his own goes under investigation. Laure’s crew, including her new boss, the nervous hives-prone pretty boy, Beckriche, literally grapple the case to the ground and emerge victorious, but it’s the other stuff that I’m still not over, like…

SPIRAL C 06001
(L to R) Thierry Godard (Gilou), Fred Bianconi (Tintin)

The one that gets away.
When everything else crumbled around them – either because or in spite of their own actions – Laure could always depend on Tintin. When he, himself, was falling apart with PTSD and a failed marriage, did the squad come through for him? Not really. Even then, he had their backs, but Gilou’s dumb theft of the gold bars and even dumber attempts to cover it up, along with the realization that his son is drifting to the dark side without him, finally break this stalwart conscience of the unit. “Don’t bother asking yourself what you’ve become with Gilou and when you crossed the line,” he levels at Laure on his way out, “because you did that so long ago you’ve lost sight of where it is.” I mean, it’s hard not to root for Laure every step of the way, even when her steps are often so very misplaced, but… he’s right? The truth hurts. To lose this necessary stabilizing factor in the work family could have tragic consequences down the line, ones Laure and Gilou can’t see through their own selfishness. Tintin’s exit represents one voice of reason gone mute, but what about…

SPIRAL C 06005
Audrey Fleurot (Joséphine Karlsson)

The vigilante.
Remember last season when we thought Joséphine had been through just about the limit of what one person could endure? All of her previous trauma seems like a beignet-walk compared to what’s going on now. After losing Pierre, she’s pulled herself together enough to take an offer from the overbearing Edelman to join his high-powered firm. It’s soulless, but then so is she right now. Manipulated by her smarmy boss, Vern, into betraying Edelman, she then faces the ultimate betrayal herself when Vern drugs and rapes her. Even Laure, the ultimate reactionary, urges her to pursue justice through the system, but… Vern made the fatal error of assaulting someone with nothing else to lose, and Joséphine takes matters into her own hands. I must say that while I am generally against violence, there is surely no sweeter revenge than running over a sexual predator with his own sports car. Good grief, how I cheered. The problem is, she didn’t quite finish the job, and after teeth-cracking suspense, is arrested for attempted murder. Now imprisoned, she must depend on none other than her old foe, Edelman, to save her, and I hope he does. Meanwhile…

The great mind.
Let me put it straight out there: they can’t take le juge away from Laure. Or me! His doctor’s prognosis, even with the surgery Roban finally agrees to have, isn’t exactly great. Brain cancer is one of the most evil diagnoses out there, and we can only hope between now and Season 7 a miracle of modern medicine occurs to give Roban a better chance. Is there anything more sad than the image of a vulnerable Roban, his birdlegs stretching from beneath his hospital gown? Yes. And it’s…

The sweet child.
Having survived her early birth and medical fragility, sweet Romy (named after Laure’s mother) eventually thrives. But, what now? Her dad, Brémont, and his new partner and other two daughters seem more than willing to make her the center of their lives. Laure, overwhelmed with, well, everything, can’t stabilize her own emotions long enough to believe she is capable of motherhood. Girl, welcome to the club. It’s Gilou and his burning love (swoon!) that makes her believe, for a moment, in the possibility of a happy future. Should these two be anyone’s parents? I don’t know, and maybe Laure isn’t so sure, either, but the image of Gilou waiting in the hospital parking lot, hugging that huge stuffed panda in joyful anticipation as Laure literally runs for the hills is going to haunt me  with crushing sadness until next season.

spiral s6 recap panda promo 4 1920x1080
Thierry Godard (Gilou) and friend.

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