Three new documentaries on Italian culture premiering in June on MHz Choice!

MHz Choice’s June docs take you on a deep dive into Italian culture – from a yearly equestrian jousting event on the island of Sardinia to hearing from residents from the Sicilian coastal town of Gela. Sartiglia (Videoplugger) documents the preparations for a unique Sardinian festival marking the end of Carnival each year. The equestrian event is theatrical, musical, religious and has its roots in medieval Spain. The whole community gets involved in the three-day event, from making costumes (so many rosettes on those horses!) to preparing food and music and practicing for the physical stunts. Italy Sicily Gela (Videoplugger) brings you into the lives of citizens of Gela, the ancient city on Sicily’s southern coast. These Gelesi express respect and awe for their city and speak hopefully about a future with an improved economy and more visitors. They include a priest, entrepreneurs, artists, archeologists, historians and athletes. One of my biggest takeaways from the 21 episodes – I have to get there someday to experience those gorgeous beaches with clear blue water. A Sicilian paradise.

Click the links below to learn more about each documentary.

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