Walking on Sunshine, a smart Austrian comedy-drama in the vein of Arrested Development, now available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Now Available

Set in a TV weather department, Walking on Sunshine starts off with former prime time news anchor Otto Czerny-Hohenburg, his career derailed by drink, taking a job as a lowly weather forecaster in an attempt to regain his past TV glory – despite the fact he has absolutely no qualifications for this new position! Department head Tilia Konstantin is not happy. She’s not going to let Otto ruin all her work, especially since that would mean losing up-and-coming, qualified talent like Lukas Jaric – whom beautiful young presenter Sophie takes an immediate interest in. This, in turn, makes Conny Ulrich sit up and take notice. She would be only too happy to take Sophie’s place – professionally, at least – and she and Tilia are bound together by an important secret. But Tilia has another secret, one for which she is being blackmailed in order to exploit her husband, Karl. Karl is a high-ranking politician, you see, and just so happens to be the brother of Otto Czerny-Hohenburg…

Sound complicated? It is – but also loads of fun! Walking on Sunshine ran on Austrian TV for three seasons of addictive, character-driven dramedy – and it all starts here. More seasons later this year!

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