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Using a combination of archival images, reenactments and expert interviews, Almost Perfect Crimes is a fascinating investigation into some of the most notorious, infamous and terrifying crimes in French history. Each episode examines the historical, political and social circumstances that shaped a specific crime or series of crimes – and, using the investigative techniques of the time, follows the clues that lead to the perpetrators’ capture. The series features English narration and French interviews – all with English subtitles.

In ten new episodes, we will discover how the 1909 execution of four cold-blooded killers reinstituted the death penalty in France, learn how a respected legal advisor led a secret life as an acid bath murderer in 1925 Marseille, track the “Monster of Ain” as he terrorizes the French countryside in 1855, see how the wife of a former prime minister literally murders her husband’s critics in 1914 – and much more.

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