MHz Choice now streaming Blood on the Docks (Deux flics sur les docks) Season 2 starring Bruno Solo and Jean-Marc Barr!

Blood on the Docks Season 2 is here, and in the third episode, Chief Dardenne can barely contain herself. It looks like she’s finally got Bazza Swaty in the bag; in fact, she’s ready to pop the champagne!

As you may remember, Bazza Swaty is the Le Havre kingpin who has eluded her for years. She knows he’s been involved in prostitution and the drug trade, but she just can’t catch him. She suspects he gets help from his childhood friend, Paul Winckler, one of her police detectives. The relationship between Winckler and Swaty has been an irritant to her for years.

As Episode 3 begins, the body of a deceased young woman is found floating in Bazza’s pool. He’s waking up from a stupor… and it all points to him. As this clip begins, Winckler walks onto the crime scene and his partner, Faraday, breaks the news that it doesn’t look good for his old friend, Bazza.

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