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It all starts with a callback to Zero Tolerance, the first film in the series – Falk in a courthouse, contemplating Lady Justice. This older (not necessarily wiser) Johan bears the scars of years of battle, but he’s not ready to give up the fight yet – not while there’s bad guys to pursue and his ever-growing family to protect. Outside, Johan gets a call from the wife of a gangster he shot dead at the end of Season 2, setting off a dangerous chain of events that will have far-reaching consequences for the entire GSI team.

In the past, Falk and Co. infiltrated criminal organizations. This season, the tables are turned and it’s the criminals who have infiltrated GSI, which lends a new layer of suspense and a “whodunnit?” element to the story. No one, not even our heroes, knows who can be trusted – and even Falk himself is a suspect!

A word to the wise, though – better brush up on your “Falkology” before diving into these new episodes, both the original Johan Falk Trilogy and the first two seasons. Characters from as far back as Executive Protection (2001) return, and situations which seemed insignificant at the time turn out to have greater importance in the overall scheme of things. Some of the plotting is quite complex and ingenious, and ends up casting characters we thought we knew in a completely different light! If you don’t have time to binge all previous episodes, the key installments to re-visit are Executive Protection and “Special Operations Group” and “Operation Nightingale” from Season 1.

All the GSI regulars are present and accounted for, still dealing with the personal and professional aftermath of the traumatic events of the Season 2 finale. Niklas and Vidar, everybody’s second-favorite “will they or won’t they?” couple, are put through the emotional wringer as Niklas goes on a deep cover mission from which he may never return. Sophie and Seth Rydell, “will they or won’t they?” couple #1, are also riding an emotional roller coaster, and the chemistry between them is absolutely captivating to watch. For such an action-packed show, there are some terrific performances from some first-rate actors going on here!

And speaking of first-rate actors, a pair of performers from another popular Swedish series joins the cast: Björn Bengtsson and Aliette Opheim of Thicker Than Water fame play two characters who, in their own ways, make life increasingly complicated for Seth! (Can his life get more complicated? You bet it can!)

But, in the end, it all comes down to the original Falk family: Johan, Helén and Nina. It’s poignant, knowing this is the final season, to watch Jakob Eklund, Marie Richardson and Hanna Alsterlund play these characters one last time. And it’s sobering to think that Hanna was just ten years old when she first played Nina in Zero Tolerance back in 1999! How time flies.

Watching these last episodes, there’s a feeling the series has come full circle – Johan defending his family against outside threats. The occasional Season 1 indiscretion with Anja aside, he’s been remarkably consistent over the years in putting his family first. That family has grown to include their son, Ola, Nina’s boyfriend, Bill, and Nina and Bill’s soon-to-be-born child. (Yes, Johan and Helén are going to be grandparents.) Johan summarized his feelings in his famous speech from The Third Wave: “I’m going to build a house of stone. And if anyone tries to harm my family… I’ll shoot the bastards.” Simple and direct – that’s Johan. In “The End” – the unmistakably titled series finale – Johan states his case even more succinctly: “You go against my family, you die!” And, as we continue to see, he has no problem putting his own life on the line to save his loved ones.

Johan Falk: The Final Season is now streaming on MHz Choice!

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