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Mafia Only Kills In Summer Season 2 continues its unique mix of comedy and drama involving the Giammerresi family, still in the throes of restlessness and yearning in Palermo.

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Daughter Angela is still madly in love with her boyfriend, Marco, and the feeling is mutual. Eleven-year-old Salvatore remains heartbroken over the loss of Alice, who moved to Switzerland with her family at the end of Season 1. Despite writing to her every day for months with no response, lovesick Salvatore has the impression he sees her everywhere.

Salvatore’s father, Lorenzo, convinced that Mafia reprisals are just around the corner, feels like he needs to flee with the family to the north. He sees threats everywhere, to the point of paranoia. His brother-in-law, Massimo, assures him they are safe but it falls on deaf ears.

Lorenzo’s wife, Pia, wants to keep the family in Palermo and holds on to hopes for a permanent teaching position. But desperate times call for desperate measures and Pia finds herself considering the unthinkable: asking her brother to use his Mafia connections in getting her a job.

Speaking of Massimo, he and Patrizia are still running their little cafe, with Massimo working on the side collecting “taxes” for the Mafia.

Brother Giacinto (Nino Frassica) with his whacked theology still straddles the worlds of the church and the Mafia – to hilarious effect. In this clip, he’s explaining the concept of generosity and reconciliation to a group of Mafiosi who don’t quite understand.

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