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Ready for more beautiful shots of Lille, for murder stories that will not keep you up at night, for an amiable ensemble comedy? Great, because Magellan Season 3 is here! Magellan (Jacques Spiesser) maintains his unique standing among the cops in the MHz Choice library – he’s a crime inspector with a life. It’s almost inspiring the way he makes it home at a decent hour.

You gotta hand it to the man. He strolls and doesn’t rush, he lets his nimble assistant, Lt. Berrayah (Selma Kouchy) tackle the bad guy and stay up all night when the case calls for it, he hears out all the suspects respectfully and homes in on the liars. He even has time to catch lunch most days at a friend’s restaurant with his buddy, Paul (Bernard Alane) and smart girlfriend, Florence (Nathalie Besançon). Way to work the job!

When the series began, Magellan was a harried single father raising two daughters – by season 3 things have settled. One thing is constant: the family scenes are as much fun as the pesky crime stuff. At the start of Season 3, Juliette has moved to London and little sister Cordelia rules the roost at home with Dad. In the season’s first episode, Cordelia is turning 13 and Magellan wants to give her the birthday party of her dreams. So he agrees to stay out of sight and work kitchen duty with Florence and Paul as the kids party in the living room. Most exciting of all – among her guests is a boy she likes!

Season 3 also brings more emphasis on Magellan’s nephew, Ludovic (Franz-Rudolph Lang). Between the freeloading Ludovic and Magellan’s friend, Paul (also bunking at his house), there’s plenty of rivalry, immaturity and comedy to go around. Don’t miss the fun!

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