Missing, a brand-new Scandi Noir thriller from the director and star of Annika Bengtzon: Deadline & Paradise, now streaming on MHz Choice!

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In this dark and suspenseful four-part miniseries, Helena Bergström (the original Annika Bengtzon) plays Maja Silver, an inspector with the Stockholm police department who returns to her hometown in the Swedish Bible Belt in an attempt to reconnect with her daughter. Their family reunion is interrupted by a terrible discovery as an emaciated girl is found dead on a highway. When another local girl disappears, Maja finds herself embroiled in an intense search for the truth. The investigation leads her to a charismatic preacher who holds mysterious sway over his flock – but as the search for the missing girl intensifies, it becomes clear that many in the community have their own secrets…

missing helena bergstrom 600x800
Helena Bergström stars in Missing

Missing depicts what happens when fear takes hold of a small community, where everyone has their own secrets.”

– Director Colin Nutley

Director Colin Nutley’s first TV drama in almost two decades is a family affair: Nutley and his wife Helena Bergström have a long history of collaboration, and this time they are joined by their daughter Molly Nutley, a rising young talent who made a big impact as Kim in Thicker Than Water. In Missing, Molly plays Becky, Maja Silver’s estranged daughter, and the scenes between real-life mother and daughter crackle with tension and electricity.

The distinguished cast also includes Johan Widerberg, who steals every scene he’s in as the Svengali-esque Pastor Stein, and Samuel Fröler (who played Johan Falk’s buddy Sven in Executive Protection) as the father of the missing girl.

missing Johan Widerberg Pastor Stein promo 2 1920x1080
Johan Widerberg as Pastor Stein
missing molly nutley becky promo 2 1920x1080
Molly Nutley as Becky

Also of note is the music: equal parts blues, country and gospel, composed and performed by Swedish singer-songwriter Daniel Norgren. Norgren’s been making waves in Europe for almost a decade, and his very first US tour kicked off in September 2017. Influenced as much by American movies as by the Swedish countryside where he grew up, Norgren records his songs on a lo-fi four-track with home-made instruments, adding thick layers of eerie atmosphere to the proceedings – as you can hear in the trailer, which features the standout track ‘Mean Old Devil Got On’.

missing Samuel Froler Dan Berglund promo 2 1920x1080
Samuel Fröler as Dan Berglund
missing ziggy promo 2 1920x1080

Scandinavian audiences enthusiastically greeted Missing when it premiered in January 2017 – it set a new streaming record for Swedish TV channel C More, shattering the previous record held by the last season of Beck! So get ready to immerse yourself in a brand-new Scandinavian mystery… and get ready to meet Ziggy, we think you’ll dig him too!

Missing premieres October 3rd – only on MHz Choice!

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