Season 1 of French political drama Spin (ITV Studios) premieres October 18, 2022 on MHz Choice!

Premiering October 18, 2022!

Mamma mia, get out the popcorn. MHz viewers, are you in for a treat! You’re going to love the juicy French political drama, Spin (ITV Studios), whose title in French literally means “Men in the Shadows.” Think Borgen, only with men. It’s about the grimy world behind political posturing and the unseen figures who direct the moves and the communications by public figures. It’s about relationships, alliances, betrayal, the race to frame a narrative and the large gap between reality and ‘spin’. It stars MHz favorite, Grégory Fitoussi (Spiral, Speakerine) playing Ludovic Desmeuze, the effective and cutthroat spin doctor who lacks one thing: a moral center.

SPIN S1 Gregory Fitoussi
Grégory Fitoussi in Spin

It also stars the fantastic Bruno Wolkowitch (Cherif Season 1, The Law of Valerie,  Murder In… The Morvan) as Simon Kapita, the political comms master who trained Desmeuze and built a political consulting company with him as partner. Kapita’s piercing gaze, perpetual look of exhaustion and tightly wound manner create a character you can’t keep your eyes off of. He’s not your typical leading man – looks more like a starving coyote most of the time – but there’s a depth behind the eyes that you see in the best of actors. He pulls you in.

SPIN S1 Bruno Wolkowitch
Bruno Wolkowitch in Spin

In this scene, Kapita confronts his partner/protege for helping Prime Minister Deleuvre put forth a fabricated story to stir up fear and votes.

More treats: you’ll also recognize Abdelhafid Metalsi (Cherif) in the first couple of episodes as Secret Service agent Gendre plus MHz’s favorite gray fox, François Dunoyer (The New Adventures of Arsene Lupin, The Return of Arsene Lupin) who plays ‘President de la Republique’ in the first episode.

SPIN S1 Abdelhafid Metalsi
Abdelhafid Metalsi in Spin

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