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In this popular reimagining of the hit Dutch drama Penoza, Alexandra Rapaport (The Sandhamn Murders) stars as Sonja, a suburban mom living in Stockholm with her successful husband and three adorable children. And they all live happily ever after. No, just kidding. Here’s what really happens: Sonja’s husband, Fredrik, is in the marijuana biz together with Sonja’s jailbird brother, Niklas, and their buddy Stein, who proves to have exceptionally poor judgment as he steals 35 kilos of coke from a gangster named Broman. The coke goes missing, Fredrik winds up dead and Broman, naturally enough, wants his money – which results in Sonja being drawn into the criminal underworld to pay off the debt. Delicious mayhem, thrilling plot twists and unbearable suspense follow as this suburban mom balances her new life life as a single mom with her burgeoning career as a gangland boss. But where have we seen these actors before…?

Alexandra Rapaport

Alexandra Rapaport plays the titular Gåsmamman, which translates as “Mother Goose” – it’s all explained in Season 1 Episode 4. One of Sweden’s most popular and prolific actors, you’ll recognize Alexandra from many other marquee MHz Choice titles: The Sandhamn Murders, Spring Tide and Johan Falk, to name a few. She’s also the executive producer of this series, so a boss in real life as well.

gasmamman first look 01 promo 7 1920x1080
Alexandra Rapaport in Gåsmamman

Magnus Roosman

Magnus Roosman plays Sonja’s husband, Fredrik. You might also recognize him as the crooked lawyer Fredrixon in the Johan Falk series.

gasmamman first look 02 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Magnus Roosman & Alexandra Rapaport in Gåsmamman

Joel Lützow and Clara Christiansson

Joel Lützow plays Sonja’s teenage son, Gustav, and Clara Christiansson plays Gustav’s moody sister, Nina. The same year they filmed Gåsmamman, Joel and Clara appeared together in The Sandhamn Murders – also starring Alexandra Rapaport. (Small world, huh?)

gasmamman first look 03 04 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Joel Lützow & Clara Christiansson in Gåsmamman

Edvin Ryding

Edvin Ryding plays little Linus, youngest of the Ek siblings. You might also recognize a slightly older Edvin as Gunnar Andersson in Miss Friman’s War!

gasmamman first look 05 06 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Edvin Ryding in Gåsmamman and Miss Friman's War

Gustaf Hammarsten

Gustaf Hammarsten plays drug kingpin Christian Broman – a very different character to the one he played as Axel Friman in Miss Friman’s War!

gasmamman first look 07 08 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Gustaf Hammarsten in Gåsmamman and Miss Friman's War

Shebly Niavarani

Shebly Niavarani plays policeman Emil Svensson. In Johan Falk, he was on the opposite side of the law, playing gangster Avram Khan throughout the second season of that show.

gasmamman first look 09 promo 7 1920x1080
Shebly Niavarani in Gåsmamman

Ulf Friberg

Ulf Friberg plays tough guy Lukas in Gåsmamman. You might also recognize him as Maria Wern’s colleague Ek and as Holger in Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves.

gasmamman first look 10 11 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Ulf Friberg in Gåsmamman and Maria Wern

Anja Lundqvist

Anja Lundqvist plays Kattis – wife of Stein and best friend of Sonja – in Gåsmamman. She also played Kim Leko, the wife of Dragomir Mrsic’s title character in Alex.

gasmamman first look 12 13 promo 7 1920x1080
L to R: Anja Lundqvist in Gåsmamman and Alex

On the other side of the camera, Gåsmamman is a production of Filmlance International, the Swedish production house responsible for a number of MHz Choice subscriber favorites: Beck, Spring Tide and The Sandhamn Murders. The husband-and-wife team of Camilla Ahlgren and Martin Asphaug handled writing duties for the series, and director Richard Holm is probably best known to MHz Choice subscribers for his work on Johan Falk.

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