Hit German crime comedy Homicide Hills returns as Season 2 is now available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

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Season 2 of popular German crime comedy Homicide Hills (Beta Films) sees big-city homicide detective Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters, Tatort) return to the sleepy town of Hengasch to investigate new murders and mysteries. Joined as always in her efforts by forthright Sgt. Dietmar Schäffer (Bjarne Mädel, Crime Scene Cleaner) and enthusiastic officer Barbel Schmied (Meike Droste, Tatort), Sophie navigates the ins-and-outs of small-town living with a defter touch this time around, despite still being dogged by her predecessor Hans Zielonka (Michael Hanemann, Inspector Dupin) and dealing with the demands of her father, Hannes (Hans Peter Hallwachs, Tatort).

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