What to watch?

Here’s a handy guide on the most binge-worthy ways to celebrate this Fourth of July Weekend, MHz Choice-style! What is MHz Choice you say? Click here!

REX C 00000

Hot Dog: Inspector Rex

This four-legged cop celebrates his own independence on the streets of Vienna, fighting for truth, justice and the Austrian way! Tog­­ether with his best friend Richard, and the long-suffering Stocki, Rex is one investigator who never barks up the wrong tree. Binge away on all 15 Inspector Rex episodes this weekend!
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Apple Pie: The Undertaker

We never actually see Luc Conrad eating this in The Undertaker, but we’re sure he enjoys some good old-fashioned Swiss apfelwähe in his down time. This weekend would be a great time to catch up with the exploits of Luc, Anna-Maria, Fabio and Erika – before Season Two premieres on MHz Choice later this year!
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HMLTON C 00000

Founding Father: Hamilton

Alexander may get all the publicity these days, but we think his Swedish namesake deserves his own musical, too. Commander Carl “Chainsaw” Hamilton is such a badass that he’s been played by both Peter Haber (Martin Beck) and Mikael Persbrandt (Gunvald Larsson) – as well as by that noted nihilist, Peter Stormare. We recommend the two Persbrandt Hamilton movies for an explosive July 4th binge. (See also: Fireworks.)
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Family Reunion: Mafiosa

Hopefully your own reunions are a little less fraught than those of this Corsican crime clan. Season Two premieres later this month on MHz Choice (preview here), so spend the weekend catching up on the first season of this most binge-worthy drama.
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MFIOSA C 00000
JTRLGY C 00000

Fireworks: Johan Falk Trilogy

Season One is terrific, but the Trilogy is where it all began – with a bang. It’s hard to overstate just how big an impact the first movie (Zero Tolerance) had when it premiered in Swedish cinemas in 1999. Here was a home-grown action flick that could stand on its own with confidence and swagger – just like the good ol’ USA.
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Justice: Spiral

Winner of the 2015 International Emmy® for best Drama Series (Season 5), Spiral is about the men and women who work at the heart of the French judicial system. This series isn’t for the faint of heart so maybe wait until after the fireworks to dive into all 5 seasons!
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SPIRAL C 00000
montalbano premiere main branding clean 1920x1080

Detective Montalbano

Salvo knows what he wants and he goes for it. No beating around the bush, no talking during eating. If he wants to go swimming right after breakfast, he does. If he wants to take his sweet time to get somewhere, he does. If he wants to celebrate the Fourth of July by watching all 28 Detective Montalbano movies – including the two brand-new ones – he does. And so should you.
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