From the NY Times Watching Newsletter 10/5/23:

Walking on Sunshine

More happens in the pilot of “Sunshine” than in full seasons of other shows. This Austrian dramedy (in German, with subtitles) kicks off with blistering workplace bickering, fragile sobriety, academic fraud, government inquests, vehicular manslaughter, the re-ignition of old conflicts, maternal body-shaming, on-camera sabotage and a quirky inheritance decision. Tilia (Proschat Madani) runs a TV weather show and is furious when she is forced to make her brother-in-law, a disgraced newscaster, her new anchor. He isn’t too thrilled about it, either. If you like behind-the-scenes tales but not the smugness of many shows about shows, watch this. Ten episodes are available now, and Season 2 arrives on Oct. 31.

By Margaret Lyons
NY Times Television Critic

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