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Season 2 of Professor T, the German re-imagining of the hit Euro crime franchise, now streaming – only on MHz Choice!

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Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?
stop looney tunes giphy downsized

SPOILER ALERT! Reading this article reveals key points of this program! How about watching it first?

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Are you ready for your second semester with Professor T? I hope you came to class prepared with relevant, non-irritating questions. It’s a trick – any question irritates Professor T. Like one of his students, I’m dumb enough to ask a few anyway, and here they are:

Who will win the battle between Professor T and his personal demons?
We came out of Season 1 with Professor Thalheim at something of a disadvantage in this fight. On top of everyone invading his space, breathing in his general direction and daring to touch his things, he must solve the murder of the only woman who loved and understood him, Tamara. He didn’t exactly invite the support of his work family during this time of deep sadness either, having ticked off just about every one of them – but especially Rabe, who he openly accused of being alcoholic. With that frenemy now pretty openly campaigning against him in Season 2, it’s unfortunate his mental health challenges continue to surface. When a child is kidnapped, exposing the highly dysfunctional inner workings of a family, T’s own difficult formative years come back to haunt him as he works the case. Through all these tribulations, at least Mrs. Schneider has remained by his side to keep the tissue cabinet stocked.

Are Deckert and Winter still really cute?
Yes, I’m happy to report this pair has not subsided. Is it romantic chemistry or just a partnership based on professional respect and friendship? I’m not telling. They are thrown into a stressful situation or twelve as they work around Rabe’s issues and Christina’s oversight, testing their police skills as well as their relationship. Do I now follow Winter (Helgi Schmid) on Instagram? I’m not saying. What? He has amazing hair!

Is Rabe any better?
Yes, and… no. Understandably, Rabe’s descent into alcoholism and grief after the death of his daughter was a problem for everyone in Season 1. His anger and resentment boiled over at all the worst times, and just as he begins to realize the damage his behavior has caused, his problems are compounded. The team, including Professor T and Christina, leap into action to defend him when the chips are down. Rabe (who, yes, still looks like he just emerged from deep cover as an embedded member of a German biker gang) is my least favorite character in the series, and even still, I want the best for him – as do his colleagues.

PROFFT C 02004
Matthias Matschke as Professor T

Just how German is this season?
There’s a murder in a brewery. Can you think of anything more delicious?

Is it possible Professor T will find love?
Siiiiigh. It’s possible, but… look, the poor man has issues, and they don’t come from nothing. The glimpse we get into his upbringing makes me worried about what else is to come for him. Losing Tamara was a big deal, and that was something of a clinical arrangement. A real relationship, with a lady he’s not paying? Who’d be tough enough to break his shell? Let’s find out in Season 2.

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